Keeping your oriental rugs in tip-top condition entails a lot of effort and extra care. They are made of delicate materials that can be easily damaged when cleaned by an inexperienced person. In addition, improper care and use of harsh cleaning solutions may result in discoloration and early deterioration of the rugs. Since oriental rugs cost more than your ordinary area rugs, it is just right to let professionals handle the cleaning process. Professionals have the knowledge and required skills to perform oriental rug cleaning.

If you are in the Prescott Valley area, one company that you can call for an oriental rug cleaning task is Mike’s On The Spot Carpet oriental_rug_cleaning_01Cleaning. For years, we have been the go-to company in the state of Arizon a for our careful handling of oriental rugs. We have created a systematic cleaning process that effectively removes dirt and stains regardless of the type of fiber used in the rugs.

Call us now so we can explain to you how we clean and restore the beauty of your prized oriental rugs.

Let the Experts Work on Your Oriental Rugs

As mentioned, oriental rugs are made from delicate materials that can be easily damaged by cleaning solutions and rug cleaning tools. But if you hire expert people like us at Mike’s On The Spot Carpet Cleaning, you’ll be assured that your oriental rugs will be handled with utmost care. Whether you need a routine cleaning job or you want us to remove food stains on your rugs, we know the best methods and tools to use.

Before we clean your oriental rugs, we carefully inspect them and identify the spots that require utmost attention. Other factors that we consider when performing oriental rug cleaning include the age of your rug, its present condition, the kind of materials used, and its intrinsic value. These factors help us choose the most appropriate cleaning method to use.

Deep Cleaning without Using Harsh Chemicals

Mike’s On The Spot Carpet Cleaning only uses natural cleaning solutions for our oriental rug cleaning service. These cleaning products oriental_rug_cleaning_02will not affect the color of your rug or damage its fibers. Our main objective is to effectively remove all dirt and stains from your rugs and restore them to their prime conditions. We have done this so many times before for our Prescott Valley clients, and we are sure that we can also give you the same results.

Our deep cleaning method is effective and proven to remove all kinds of dirt, odors, and stains. We use steam cleaning and other industry-approved cleaning methods such as dry cleaning, vacuuming and shampooing just to give you thoroughly cleaned oriental rugs.

Fast Cleaning Service but Great Results

Our systematic process allows us to perform all cleaning tasks in a fast and efficient manner. We value customer satisfaction, so we never take shortcuts or work hastily just to complete the task as promised. Our oriental rug cleaning service is one of the best in the Arizona area, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. We have the best people and the best rates, making us the right company to hire.

Call (928) 227- 1711.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in AZ:

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  • Prescott, AZ
  • Prescott Valley, AZ
  • Chino Valley, AZ
  • Williamson, AZ

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  • Wilhoit, AZ
  • Paulden, AZ
  • Cottonwood, AZ
  • Clarkdale, AZ

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  • Perkinsville, AZ
  • Camp Verde, AZ
  • Mayer, AZ

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Mike's on the spot carpet cleaners - the best we have ever found.

We have used this business for many years and found it superior in every way - other carpet cleaners in Prescott were more expensive and left product in the carpet. Mike is so honest and really does want to please his customers - he goes out of his way to make sure you are happy. We only wish we had found him sooner.

- Dori G


Address: 251 S. Mt Vernon Ave. Prescott, AZ 86303

Phone: 928-899-4423

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